Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of Sealing Systems an Expansion Joints which include:

    • Mechanical Seals for all types of pumps
    • Agitator Seals
    • Dry Gas Seals for compressors
    • Espey Seals for turbines and mixers
    • Gland Packing
    • Expansion Joints (metal, rubber, and fabric compensator)
    • IMPRO Brand Bearing Protection
    • Cyclone Separators
    • Seal Support Systems

Supply and Aftermarket Support of custom engineered solutions for:

    • Combustion Turbine Exhaust Systems
    • Heat Recovery Exhaust Bypass Systems [SCR & FGD Bypass Systems]
    • Utility & Industrial Dampers
  • Minequip Overseas Representative in Ghana

Supply of Dyeing and Marking Solutions for Petroleum Products

Supply of Equipment Spare Parts

Supply of Air Inlet Filtration solutions for Gas Turbines, Compressors and Engines.