Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of Sealing Systems an Expansion Joints which include:

    • Mechanical Seals for all types of pumps
    • Agitator Seals
    • Dry Gas Seals for compressors
    • Espey Seals for turbines and mixers
    • Gland Packing
    • Expansion Joints (metal, rubber, and fabric compensator)
    • IMPRO Brand Bearing Protection
    • Cyclone Separators
    • Seal Support Systems

Supply and Aftermarket Support of custom engineered solutions for:

    • Combustion Turbine Exhaust Systems
    • Heat Recovery Exhaust Bypass Systems [SCR & FGD Bypass Systems]
    • Utility & Industrial Dampers
  • Minequip Overseas Representative in Ghana

Supply of Equipment Spare Parts

Supply of Air Inlet Filtration solutions for Gas Turbines, Compressors and Engines.