Company Profile

Company Profile


GKH Limited is a fully owned Ghanaian firm established on August 19, 2016.

The company offers;

  1. Agency, account and distributor management services
  2. Distributorship for multinational brands
  3. Business and market development services to multinational companies with a focus on market entry and route to market strategies, agency/distributor as well as key account management as its core activity
  4. Process improvement solutions using the Six Sigma methodology in reviewing operational inefficiencies

The company is based and headquartered in Ghana, with its administrative office in the capital city, Accra. 

The company is managed by a team with expertise in Business Development, Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management.

The team also has extensive contacts with key players in

  1. Packaging printing in West Africa
  2. Agriculture industry in West Africa
  3. Upstream and downstream oil and gas industry in Ghana
  4. Power industry in Ghana
  5. Telecommunication industry in Ghana


We presently have strategic collaboration with the underlisted multinational companies;

  1. DuPont Advance Printing – Agents for West Africa (Pre-press equipment, Photopolymer plates).
  2. EagleBurgmann – Distributor for Oil & Gas, Energy, Cement and Water segments for Ghana.
  3. 3M -Distributor for Oil & Gas, AAD, EPD, PSD.
  4. Sacred Sun battery and solar solutions – Business development consultancy for Ghana.
  5. WeWi Technologies – Business development consultancy.
  6. United Colors Manufacturing – Sales partnership with Minequip, UK for the supply of petroleum coloring and marking solutions.
  7. SBZ Corporation – Sales partnership with Minequip, UK for the supply of petroleum additives.

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